Take it Everywhere

The MacBook Stand will go everywhere! Use it in the lap, on the table and fit it in your bag.

Ergonomic and Environmentally Friendly

The MacBook stand support your ergonomics by raising the monitor and angle the keyboard. The stand will also keep you MacBook cooler and protect it in the bag – brilliant right? This stand is our favourite design because you can take it everywhere.

The MacBook stand is made in Denmark from sustainably forested wood.

MacBook Stand

MacBook Stand

The MacBook stand is not only environmentally friendly but is also support your ergonomics by raising the monitor and angle the keyboard.

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Two sizes

The MacBook stand comes in 13-inch and 15-inch to fit you MacBook perfectly.

MacBook Bag

No extra bulk

It’s easy to carry your MacBook if you are in a hurry for a few hours of freestyle typing on the local cafe.

It gives you a good grip and extra protection if you bump into something.

Strong Plywood

The MacBook stand is made to last. The simple design and the strong plywood will live for generations.

MacBook Stand in Wood

We’ve make the stand in oak and walnut

Get it in oak if you want a light tone or walnut if you want some beautiful dark wood.

A touch of nature

We want to add a soft touch of nature to the machined aluminium. We have made the stand in wood because it sustainable and it will improve you comfort when working on you MacBook.

It will also give you cooler MacBook when its hot or your are working on some heavy stuff.

MacBook Stand

Select your MacBook Stand

MacBook Stand 13 inch Walnut

13-inch Walnut

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MacBook Stand 13 inch Oak

13-inch Oak

$119.99 Read More

MacBook Stand 15 inch Walnut

15-inch Walnut

$129.99 Add to cart

MacBook Stand 15 inch Oak

15-inch Oak

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MacBook Stand – 13 inch
Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: Depth: 24.5 cm, width: 32.5 cm, height: 4.5 cm
Wood: PEFC certified

MacBook Stand – 15 inch 
Weight: 600 g
Dimensions: Depth: 27.5 cm, width: 36.0 cm, height: 4.5 cm
Wood: PEFC certified