Wall Desk

Enjoy working with your MacBook even more!

Wall desk in kitchen

The wall desk is ergonomic and eco-friendly and the perfect accessory for you and your MacBook. You can hang the desk in the perfect height and even move it around.

When used on a tabletop it will raise the MacBook and together with a keyboard and mouse you have the little workspace.

The MacBook Desk is designed in molded wood to follow the Danish traditions for beautiful Scandinavian design.

“Take a typical wooden MacBook stand, design it to mount on a pair of wooden knobs screwed into the wall, and you’ve got the MacBook Wall Desk.” Tools & Toys

The environmentally friendly design will support your ergonomics and protect your MacBook with a natural feel. Can you ask for more?
MacBook stand
Wall desk office setup
The Wall Desk gives you the best two features. It works as a wall desk and a MacBook stand.

Perfect Workspace

If you have to work for long hours on a MacBook it essential to have a setup you can use for hours without getting neck or wrist pain.

MacBook Wall Desk
MacBook Wall Desk

Keep it tidy

When done working you can simply pack it all nicely together. There is no need to have it all spread around the table. You can easily store a mouse and keyboard under the shelf to tidy it all up.

Select your MacBook Wall Desk

(Comes with knobs and everything for installation)

MacBook Wall Desk in Oak

Wall Desk in Oak

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MacBook Wall Desk in Walnut

Wall Desk in Walnut

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Do you need extra wooden knobs?

Wooden Knobs in Oak

Wooden Knobs in Oak

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Wooden Knobs in Wallnut

Wooden Knobs in Walnut

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Weight: 700 g.
Dimensions: Depth: 40 cm, width: 35 cm, height: 10 cm.
Designed for: MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro
In the box: Wall desk, two knobs, screws and plugs.