With the wall desk we have tried to combine the benefits of having a height adjustable table and an ergonomic MacBook stand.

MacBook Desk

The stand is very and very thin. It is composed of thin layers of wood pressed together for a few minutes in a big machine pressing with 35 tons. This process make the wood very hard and strong. Its an amazing construction for making something so delicate and yet very strong. The knobs that hold the desk or shelf on the wall are design in a clever way so you can easily de-tach the desk and move onto a another desk an conform it to a traditional laptop stand.


MacBook Desk

The MacBook stand is not only meant to be an ergonomically aid it is also environmentally friendly. It is made from sustainably forested wood. We think of the wall desk as a home for your laptop when you are home – just put it on the desk to charge it, check your mail or play you favourite music.

When you need the computer at your working desk just detach and put it on the table, attach you keyboard and you mouse and you have a complete setup where you will be able to work for many hours. It will also be a smart solution to bring you laptop away from curious children.

MacBook Desk


The laptop shelf is made to fit the 15-inch MacBook and will hold the smaller MacBook’s and laptops as well. On both sides of the shelf you will find cable drops to hang you cables so they don’t fall on the floor.

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