Design Laptop Stand

Design laptop stand made of fine layers of birch with an outer layer of walnut or oak to give it a beautiful finish. The Danish designed laptop stand is a perfect fit for the MacBook. They are made in different sizes to fit the different sizes of MacBooks.

Two different design Laptop stands

Laptop Stand

They are both very beautiful and really great craftsmanship. There have been taken care of every detail and each stand have been carefully examined before it have been packed in a box from recycled paper. Oh, yes we care for the environment. For each tree we used in the production we make sure another one will grow and make sure the woodland is protected.

We don’t like plastic and the problems associated with production and destruction of it. Neither do we like aluminium and the heavy mining in nature reserves and destruction of beautiful landscape. That’s why we wanted to do a different and make one in sustainable wood!

We love nature that’s why we use sustainable resources!


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