This is the very last prototype of the laptop stand in wood. It’s been a long way and in a weeks time we will start the first real production. We will be at the factory and get some images of real production so you can get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scene. We will start making the laptop stand in oak and walnut in 13 inch and 15 inch version for MacBooks.

Laptop Stand

It’s good for you!

We have been testing thickness, composition and different lacquers. This is great and really what we wanted to do. Also we are please that this project can be done using only natural sources so we can be a real alternative to all the plastic and aluminium products out there. Not only will wood give you a nice organic feel but we will also protect the environment from toxic fumes and destructive aluminium mining. All this combined with the ergonomic aid really make this a very useful laptop accessory.


Design Laptop Stand

We will soon be opening the store for pre-orders so you can be sure to get one of the first ones.

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