iPad Hanger

A minimalistic and beautiful iPad Wall Mount.

Eco-friendly iPad Wall Mount

The iPad Hanger is a real wall mount or stand for the Apple iPad. It’s made for the small shop using the iPad as a cash register. It’s also perfect in the kitchen when you look up recipes or when the kids want to enjoy a movie. The iPad Wall Mound come in beautiful oak and walnut and look beautiful when hanging on the wall.

The iPad Hanger is made in Denmark from sustainable resources.

iPad Hanger

Beautiful and simple to use

The iPad Hanger is a beautiful and simple wall mount for the Apple iPad.

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iPad Hanger in Oak

For iPad Air in Oak

(Delivery 2 month!)

Original price was: €124.99.Current price is: €62.50.Read more

iPad Hanger in Walnut

For iPad Air in Walnut

(Delivery 2 month!)

Original price was: €124.99.Current price is: €62.50.Read more

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