The laptop stand have been designed in Denmark although we worked on the project while touring Great Britain in a small camper van. Being designed on a road trip the laptop stand is meant to be used when you are on the go. We use it whenever we go; on the bus, in the train, on the plane, traveling the countryside or in our favourite coffee shop.

Laptop Stand

Have you notice the angle and the lift of the monitor? Imagine how much more you can write without getting neck and wrist pain! We have designed the laptop stand with YOUR health in mind – mind you body and keep it working as long as you can. When you use the stand you will get you laptop keyboard angled in the right angle and you will also get you monitor raised 5 cm above the table which is all helping to improve the comfort and ergonomics while working.

A Laptop Stand in Wood – we love it!

Laptop Stand in Wood

We have even taken extra care when selecting the wood – the stand is made from responsible managed woodland, which mean you will have an environmental friendly alternative to the variety of aluminium and plastic stands out there. The inner core of the stand is made from birch tree and the outer layer is either walnut or oak. During manufacturing the wood is pressed with heat making it very strong and make it last for many years.

Great design for your Apple Mac

Laptop Stand in Wood

The laptop stand is finely crafted on a small danish factory! Yes, we rely on the fine danish traditions for wood-work and craftsmanship! We have designed the laptop stand to fit the measure of the MacBook.  The stand come in 13 & 15-inch so you can get one that slips right into your bag and protect your laptop.


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