When you work from home it’s nice to have a work setup you can use for hours without getting neck or wrist pain. We’ve designed the Wall Desk to work when standing and when seated. The desk is designed to be detached from the knobs and moved around your house or office. You can easily bring it to the living room or into the kitchen. You can use it on every desk to create a great work place.

Wall Desk

When the work is done or you need a break you simply it back on the wall or pack it all nicely together – there is no need to have it all spread around the kitchen table. Below you can see how you can store the mouse and keyboard under the dest. Isn’t it tidy and nice?Wall Desk


Together with the rest of our products the wall desk comply with the Ecolabel and are made from PEFC certified wood so you can have a safe work environment and protect the environment at the same time.

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