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Nordic Appeal makes beautiful accessories for Apple computers using molded wood in a traditional Scandinavian style.

We want to innovate the computer workspace and create accessories that are friendly for both people and the environment. Our company was founded in 2010 by Maria-Louisa Rosendal and Martin Bay and is located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Together they have a photography business with a gallery and showroom in Copenhagen. The gallery is called Foto Factory and sell inspiring nature a photographic art.

Our first product was born from Maria’s student project at Edinburgh Napier University. The Wall Desk is a minimalist, multifunctional design that works both as a standing desk and a laptop stand. Together with the wall desk they launched a MacBook stand – also multifunctional and from molded wood.

Nordic Appeal produces designs in Denmark using traditional Danish craftsmanship. They like to keep things ‘local’ – using wood sourced from sustainable forests and a local workshop to create their unique products. Though the products are simple in design, they are very complex in the making. We follow the whole process from start to finish to ensure that every product meets the quality finish required by Nordic Appeal.

Our main concern with the modern workspace is that computers – even today – are not designed with ergonomics in mind. Today people want to create and work from a multitude of spaces. This is why we have designed beautiful, functional accessories to make working anywhere pleasurable, comfortable and possible.

Whether you’re hot-desking in an office or sipping coffee in a hip cafe, Nordic Appeal’s products can meet all your needs. Closer to home they give you the freedom and flexibility to create a little ‘station’ for your laptop wherever you want in the house but never encroaches on the space for what the room is designed for.

Nordic Appeal is a ‘small company, born global’ and ready to grow.

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