I use the laptop stand in wood for my lovely little MacBook Air on my travels when I have to work on the road or on a busy cafe. The best about the laptop stand is the wooden feeling. I’ve used a lot of other stands but I’ve never had one I enjoy as much at this one. I think it is the rustic feeling of the wood! It’s very organic and doesn’t feel warm or cold just nice to have on you skin or in your hands.  After a year it’s very personal with small scratched and bumps which is nice to have on the stand because it actually saved the MacBook Air and make it even more unique!

Laptop Stand

When the MacBook Air is stored in the bag the stand envelope the MacBook which make i very secure.

I work as photographer and use the MacBook for a lot of editing on the go, I work at clients or I work in cafe’s I love the ergonomic support I have when I have the MacBook on the stand. The stand also helps moving the heat generated when working with extensive images editing. The wood absorb heat and the angled surface is brilliant to move the heat away from the laptop.

Laptop work in cafe

Beside all this I think is looks amazing.


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